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Maison Ailleurs...​

...A family home full of character and intimacy, steeped in history yet firmly rooted in a vibrant present. This private mansion has been renovated as a tribute to the past with a resolutely contemporary twist. As you enter, at the foot of the vertiginous grand staircase, a pair of bright orange upholstered armchairs sets the scene: the interior design has been thoroughly desacralised!

Our credo is to wrap our travellers' holidays in special attention, but always with the utmost discretion. Escape from the daily grind, from the urgency of time, for a precious interlude.

Certaines valeurs simples impriment ici le quotidien, comme l’authenticité et la générosité

portrait Valérie Génique Maison Ailleurs-Arnaud Delaunay-©

In the Shadow of Maison Ailleurs, Valerie

Our family's origins are many, as are our sources of inspiration. We come from here and, above all, elsewhere. So it's only natural that our home should be adorned with pieces that we've found both here and elsewhere. Sometimes they've simply been given a patina, like some of the tables we've found locally, or they've been transformed, like a piece of woodwork found in the attic that's now the masterpiece of a bookcase. They are also sometimes used for other purposes, like these wooden chairs that have been turned into bedside tables.They all have a story to tell, and each has a reason for being.

We like the idea that the house lives on whether we're here or not. Its doors are open to travellers in the hope that they will find comfort and inspiration. We wanted it to be serene, and we're delighted with it every time we return.

The primary mission of this family home is to be a place where you can let go, find yourself and free yourself from time.

In short, where taking the time to live makes perfect sense. 
It's not surprising, then, that the human touch and the 'real thing' are reflected in the craftsmanship and designer pieces that adorn the premises. The house would not have been complete without the precious hands of local artisans contributing to its rebirth. 

Panier repas

Maison Ailleurs' formal garden

After the yew hedges, box patches, topiary trees and numerous rosebushes, the garden is notable for the abundance of herbaceous perennials growing freely along the paths in a style reminiscent of English gardens.

This area is managed as naturally as possible, using mainly hand tools and natural or organic products.

We welcome plants that cover the soil to protect it and reduce the need for weeding. Depending on the type, the cuttings are composted to strengthen the soil or chipped to mulch flower beds and certain paths, providing a natural recycling process.