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Suite 'Le jardin'

A cocooning space on the garden level of the mansion


A cosy nest overlooking the garden...

Start the day by looking out the window at the garden, which is laid out as a formal promenade. In season, roses abound and the paths are lush with greenery. This junior suite is designed to soothe the spirit. Comfortable and bright, the view of the garden brings you closer to nature, yet you are in the centre of Chartres. The sound of the bells is reminiscent of a time when time was measured by the hour, not the minute.
suite rdc avec vue jardin-photographie-Sophie-Colas-©

The little extras that make it more than just holidaying

coussin suite avec vue jardin-photographie-Sophie-Colas-©
peignoir suite avec vue jardin-photographie-Sophie-Colas-©
sol suite
petit dejeuner suite avec vue jardin-photographie-Sophie-Colas-©

A cocoon space, a whole universe

A mansion without a garden is not really a mansion ... so the theme of the smallest of the suites was an obvious one.

Here we are in a cocoon that opens up to the garden and the sky through very high eighteenth-century windows. The blue of the sky, the light and the intensity of the colours of the garden are perfectly matched by the blue-grey and turquoise of the original cement floor tiles.
The walls are a soothing harmony of soft blues and bluish greys, accentuated by a large canvas inspired by Japanese cherry trees. However, these colours are contrasted by the duck-blue of velvet chairs inspired by gaming tables and the turquoise of the armchair that heralds the deep turquoise walls of the shower room.


For staying away with the added comfort of being at home

Choose one of our suites and book your breakfast basket in advance to enjoy a healthy, gourmet moment in your room at your own pace. Because we love details, this basket is created with care and intention. Good mood guaranteed.

We favour fresh, traditional and local products for their taste quality. To reduce packaging, we buy in bulk whenever possible and prefer reusable glass or recyclable containers.

➞ Freshly squeezed orange juice

➞ Craft yogurt from whole milk

➞ Seeds and dried fruits

➞ Muesli, wholegrain cereal without palm oil, colouring or preservatives

➞ Salted and unsalted butter hoping to satisfy everyone

➞ Craft jams with a real fruity taste, more than 60%

➞ Honey from 'Creux du Petit Bois', local beekeeper driven by passion

➞ Sliced bread from Beauce wheat flour and organic sourdough

➞ A selection of coffees in recyclable pods, black and green teas (Dammann Frères quality standards go beyond simply organic, blended in France) and chocolate made in France to mix with milk. confectionné en France à mélanger au lait