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Suite 'Bleu de Chartres​'

A bubble of serenity overlooks the garden in the heart of Chartres

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Cobalt blue ...

This unique cobalt blue can still be seen in some rare works from the 12th and 13th centuries, such as the stained glass window of 'Notre Dame de la Belle-Verrière' in the cathedral, which inspired the colours of this universe. Situated on the second floor of the mansion's reception wing, this peaceful junior suite overlooks the garden and hides a surprise behind every door.


The little extras that make it more than just holidaying

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Playing with history, a whole universe

The dominant blue, red and ochre/gold tones of the cathedral's recently restored keystones are the starting point for the harmony of this suite. But that's not all: the renovation of the cathedral has revealed many surprises behind the old whitewash and dirt. This spirit of wonder has also guided the renovation of this room, where today, symbolically, other surprises await you behind each of the doors.

The balance of colours creates a spirit of communication from one room to another. For example, the golden ochre of the wall tiles in the shower room matches the blonde of the oak parquet and the ochre of the armchair in the bedroom. The red of the original terracotta floor tiles in the bedroom inspired the colour of the dressing room in the passageway to the boudoir, where the same colour is echoed in a frame made from an 18th-century tapestry from a dismantled chateau in the Orléanais region.

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For staying away with the added comfort of being at home

Choose one of our suites and book your breakfast basket in advance to enjoy a healthy, gourmet moment in your room at your own pace. Because we love details, this basket is created with care and intention. Good mood guaranteed.

We favour fresh, traditional and local products for their taste quality. To reduce packaging, we buy in bulk whenever possible and prefer reusable glass or recyclable containers.

➞ Freshly squeezed orange juice

➞ Craft yogurt from whole milk

➞ Seeds and dried fruits

➞ Muesli, wholegrain cereal without palm oil, colouring or preservatives

➞ Salted and unsalted butter hoping to satisfy everyone

➞ Craft jams with a real fruity taste, more than 60%

➞ Honey from 'Creux du Petit Bois', local beekeeper driven by passion

➞ Sliced bread from Beauce wheat flour and organic sourdough

➞ A selection of coffees in recyclable capsules, black and green teas (Dammann Frères quality standards go beyond simply organic, blended in France) and chocolate made in France to mix with milk. à mélanger au lait